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Croatian Society of Biologists in Health Care (CROSBIH) was founded on September 23rd, 2013 with the purpose of resolving the status of natural scientific professions in healthcare system. The main objective of the Society is promotion, development and enhancement of biological activity in health care in accordance with latest scientific knowledge and technology development.

Biological activity is very important and valuable part of diagnostics, therapy and treatment in health care. Biologists in healthcare system work on highly specialized positions in cooperation with other professionals. Biologists are involved in diagnostics, counseling, and autonomic participation in procedures which are part of all areas of health care including pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, endocrinology, hematological oncology, neurology, immunology, infectology and public health care.

Society activities include organization of meetings, lectures, continuing education courses and conferences, information of the public about the latest developments and achievements in the field of biomedical sciences, development of national and international cooperation program, publication of books and journals in the field of our activities, strengthening cooperation with similar organizations in Croatia and beyond, and development of cooperation with the competent Ministry of Health in order to improve the status of medical biologists and other natural scientific professions in health care.
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