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Organisation of "1st Croatian Symposium of Biologists in Health Care"
"1st Croatian Symposium of Biologists in Health Care" will be held in Zagreb, November 28th 2015, under the organization of Croatian Society of Biologists in Health Care.

The main goal of the Symposium is exchange of professional and scientific knowledge among biological health professionals and other specialists. This kind of meeting will be held in Croatia for the first time, and hopefully became a tradition. In this first symposium the lecturers will be reputable Croatian scientists, and in the future it will take international character.

Biological activity is very important and valuable part of diagnostics, therapy and treatment in health care. Biologists in health care system work on highly specialized positions in cooperation with other professionals. Biologists are involved in diagnostics, counseling, and autonomic participation in procedures which are part of all areas of health care including pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, endocrinology, hematological oncology, neurology, immunology, infectology and public healthcare.

It will be one-day symposium with following thematic sections:
  • Transplantation medicine – immunogenetics in solid organs and hematopoietic stem cells transplantation
  • Cell and tissue banks – cellular therapy, oocyte and sperm banks
  • Clinical embryology – treatment of male infertility, MESA and TESA, ICSI procedure
  • Human genetics – prenatal diagnosis of chromosomal and genetic abnormalities, classical and molecular diagnostic methods, metabolic diseases
  • Infective diseases – molecular diagnostic of hepatitis and HIV, viral resistance to medications, molecular epidemiology of viral infections
  • Malignant diseases – diagnostic and prognostic tests, therapy response, new insights in the pathobiology of malignant diseases
  • Public health care – environmental microbiology, food safety, DDD
  • Student’s corner
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