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ACore curriculum of the European registered Clinical Laboratory Geneticist (ErCLG) was adopted at the Annual Meeting of the Croatian Society of Biologists in Health Care (CROSBIH), held on 14th December 2016 in Zagreb. The aim of ErCLG is to recognize and assess the professional competences for professionals in the fields of cytogenetics, oncogenetics, molecular genetics and metabolic/biochemical genetics, at the European level.

ErCLG Core curriculum is avilable here:

More information on ESHG European Board of Medical Genetics (EBMG) can be found at the ESHG website.
The application requirements for ErCLGdepend on the classification of the country from which the professionals come from. The intention of the CROSBIH is to apply the ErCL guidelines for a system of training/specialization according to the ESHG curriculum, and to equalize the quality of work and reach the European level. Furthermore, the CROSBIH intention is to be a professional link between the EBMG and the Croatian Ministry of Health in the implementation of the regulation procedures of clinical laboratory genetics specialists as a European recognized profession.
In order toenable the achievement of settled objectives,theCROSBIH Management Boardhad proposed the establishment of the Section of Human Genetics. The Section was founded at the Extraordinary Meeting of the CROSBIH,held on 23th February 2017 in Zagreb, with the aim of promoting importance, and the initiation of the proffesion regulation for highly educated scientists and professionals qualified in biomedicine in Croatia, by accepting and implementing the regulations of their competences defined by ESHG. A large number of members of the Croatian Society of Biology in Health Care work in the field of human genetics, providing the most demanding and complex diagnostic methods. At the CROSBIH Extraordinary meeting a Code of professional practice for clinical laboratory geneticists in Europe was also accepted.
EBMG Code of professional practice is available here.
The speciality profession Clinical Laboratory Genetics comprises all segments of genetic laboratory services that are essential for the provision of medical genetic services to thepatients and families led by clinical genetics specialists, as well as other specialists from the medical disciplines such as pediatrics, obstetrics, clinical oncology, endocrinology, etc. Clinical laboratory geneticists have excellent knowledge of genetic laboratoriesprocedures, as well as results interpretation related to inherited and sporadic genetic disorders. This speciality is primarily related to professionals with a university degree in the field of natural sciences (biologists, chemists) working in health care.
We invite all professionals from the field of laboratory clinical genetics, members of our Society, but also other colleagues working in the field of human genetics to get involved in the work of the Section.

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